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Home staging can mean the difference between a sold or expired listing.
We’re looking to partner with real estate professionals to add value to your clients, grow your brand and help market your listings to get them sold faster and for more profit and commissions, while saving you and your clients money at the same time.  When you use Elegantly Stated Home Staging as your preferred Home Stager, we'll provide you with the exclusive benefits free of charge. Sign up to learn more about the savings we offer our partners.
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Reasons to Partner

  1. Realtor pricing benefits – receive exclusive access to discounted home staging packages and monthly promotions with an awarded home staging company that can be passed on to your clients.
  2. No cash out of pocket on home staging packages and home improvements – we provide options to pay staging fees and/or home improvements from escrow.
  3. Added value to your clients - adding home staging services to your marketing portfolio gives you the competitive edge over other Realtors.
  4. Offers solutions to expired listings – Staging before listing minimizes your risk of your listings becoming an expired listing; conversely, staging an expired listing can give a stale listing a new life to help bring in offers.
  5. Grow your brand – Your real estate brand includes the way you do business, the connections you have and the services you have to offer. Including home staging in your services, helps boost your brand and build a trustworthy reputation, because it shows you care and are invested in your listings.
  6. Gives you credibility and differentiation – when you bring in experts it gives you added credibility and tremendous value to your listing package, which will set you apart from other Realtors and distinguish yourself during listing presentations.
  7. Boosts your marketing campaign – staged homes stand out and give you better marketing photos.
  8. Gives you more time to focus on marketing and selling - we take the interior marketing off your shoulders.
  9. Improved Reputation - staging gives your listings a move-in ready reputation.

Top 10 Reasons
to Stage

  1. Sellers can’t be objective - Home staging provides a professional 3rd party opinion to the seller on any improvements that need to be addressed.
  2. Buyers need help visualizing a property - 90% of buyers have difficulty visualizing how to use an empty space.  According to NAR 83% of buyer’s agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.
  3. Vacant homes do not show well – 78% of expired listings are vacant.
  4. Staging generates interest – 90% of buyers search online and great listing photos attract more buyers.
  5. Sell faster and make more money - Staged homes statistically sell 88% faster and for 6% more than un-staged homes.
  6. Improve first impressions – Most buyers form an opinion within the first 7-10 seconds of arriving.
  7. It is the industry standard for marketing and selling a home – 62% of listing agents offer this service as part of a benefit of listing with them.
  8. Staging prevents lower offers – Home staging emphasizes a home’s best features and downplays the not-so-good features. If a buyer focuses on all the not-so-good features, they will reflect that in a lower offer.
  9. Staging can save money - Staging is typically cheaper than your first price reduction.
  10. Tax deduction – US Federal tax laws allow home staging costs to be tax deductible as part of real estate marketing expenses when the home is sold.

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