In response to Covid-19 and stay-at-home orders in the United States, a significant majority of us have suddenly found ourselves required to work from home and create a homeschool environment for our children, literally overnight. Many households do not have a home office and may find themselves creating makeshift work spaces throughout the home. Some may be resorting to working in odd positions, such as in their beds or on the couch. Both scenarios are not a recommended location for an at-home work space, especially when it comes to posture. Good posture is essential for good health and improved concentration.

By improving your posture, you open up your body to better oxygen and blood circulation, meaning that you'll also improve your ability to concentrate and focus.

When choosing your makeshift office and homeschool work space, make sure your seating is the right height for your desktop to support good posture, good health and improved concentration!

Use this handy chart to make sure your daily seating arrangements are conducive to a healthy posture.

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