As a homeowner, you want to invest your money wisely and choosing the right Home Stager can have a significant outcome on your bottom line. There are several things to consider when choosing the right Home Stager.

One of the first things you should check is a Home Stager’s qualifications.  

Since you are trusting your most valuable asset to a Home Stager, you want to make sure they are Certified, preferably by a RESA® (Real Estate Staging Association) accredited training provider (RESA® accredited training providers have met or exceed all areas of the accreditation standards).  You’ll find it reassuring to know that the Stager you are hiring has had formal training to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to attract buyers. RESA® is the professional organization to the staging industry and being a RESA® member is also something to be looked for in a Home Stager, as it shows the Stager’s commitment to the profession.  You’ll also want to find out if the Home Stager is skilled at both Home Staging and Redesign.  Home Staging is about presenting your property in the best light by opening up spaces, accentuating architectural features, neutralizing colors and enhancing the home’s overall appearance.  Home staging includes bringing in furniture, artwork and accessories and recommending paint, flooring or lighting options to make the home more appealing to buyers.  In some cases, a home may only need redesign or may need a combination of both redesign and staging.  Redesign generally costs less than staging and involves decluttering and moving furniture for better flow through a space or using different furniture placement to take advantage of views or architectural features. An experienced Home Stager should be fully insured or at the very least offer business liability insurance in the rare case any damage or an injury should occur while staging.

Homeowners should also make sure the Home Stager has testimonials they can share with you.  A Home Stager should have testimonials from homeowners and Real Estate Agents on their website and marketing materials, as well as a portfolio of their work.  You should be able to visit the Home Stager’s website to gain a sense of their style, portfolio and testimonials.

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