A lot has changed in the world of interior design over the years and we have witnessed numerous trends come and go.  About 10-15 years ago many of us, myself included, followed the trend of Old-World design and décor.  It was an era of design mixed with various European influences from Mediterranean, French Country, Tuscan, Spanish, Italian Villa to French Chateau design styles.  The ornate aesthetics of Old-World design include deep tones, rustic elements, heavy furnishings, lavish window treatments and overly accessorized spaces.  As with most trends, the Old-World trend has become dated and out of style, leaving many homeowners longing for a fresh, light and bright look.  

Today I’m going to share with you an inexpensive way to give your kitchen that fresh new look, without breaking the bank.

Before this kitchen’s makeover, the walls were painted in a deep golden brown and the cabinetry faces were finished in a distressed, Old-World distressed brown, adorned with decorative wood appliques (please note in the images below, the paint color has already been updated, the can lights replaced with LED’s, the chandelier has been removed, the back window valance has been removed and the kitchen is being prepped for painting).  As much as the homeowners loved the Old-World cabinetry, they were ready for a change and wanted to transition into something lighter and a little more on trend.  Since the cabinets were excellent quality (made from solid maple) and in an effort to save money, the homeowners wished to keep their existing cabinetry and refinish the cabinet faces, rather than replacing the doors, which is done in most kitchen remodels/makeovers.

The homeowners felt the chandelier was too heavy for the space and it obstructed the view of their open floor plan between the kitchen, dining area and family room.  Additionally, the decorative incandescent can lights were too gold in color and did not provide adequate lighting in the kitchen.

The homeowners were very pleased with the results and said,

“with the kitchen being the heart of our home, we now enjoy cooking, baking and socializing even more in our beautifully, transformed kitchen!”

Although the homeowner did not go with the added expense of updating the backsplashes and adding quartz countertops, the kitchen now has a beautiful and stylish impact, that reflects the natural light and makes the kitchen feel lighter and brighter.  This is a budget friendly way to update a kitchen and gives the homeowner the option to update backsplashes and countertops in a second phase when their budget permits.

The finished result includes new wall paint in my favorite go-to color (Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams, SW7029), cabinetry paint by Sherwin Williams (Creamy SW7012), island painted in a beautiful true black paint made by Farrow & Ball (Pitch Black No. 256), new square bar cabinetry hardware in a brushed brass finish by Lewis Dolin, coordinating warm brass lantern pendant light fixtures by Savoy House and new modern black velvet bar stools.

As the owner of Elegantly Stated Home Staging, we provide interior design services to match our client’s budget and scope of work.  No matter how big or how small the project, we can help with interior design, space planning, color consultations, light fixture selections, artwork, accessories and project management.  

We work with you throughout the entire process, from consultation to project completion. 

Let us help you transform your home from dark and heavy to light and airy.

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